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What kemi Adetiba had to say about Getting Married


What kemi Adetiba had to say about Getting Married


Kemi Adetiba popular video Queen had this to say about Marriage on her Instagram page, she posted this and other comments following her fans who advised she got married


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Before the "miss the point" folks start running rogue in my comment section, Tracee Ellis Ross has never once said she never wants to be married or have children. What she is saying however, is that because she currently has neither, some people choose to invalidate all of her personal achievements and growth. Their line of reasoning is her life is yet to have TRUE meaning until a husband and child punctuate her entire existence. This struck a chord as I get this all the time. I will be 38 in just over a month and a half, and while I would LOVE to be married (to my God-chosen companion, and best friend) and have child(ren), I am very comfortable with the knowledge that my life is just as valid, and beautiful, and happy, and successful, if for some reason that never comes to pass. Marriage and kids is not my "crowning glory"… It's another BEAUTIFUL step in life I would love to take. I'd also love to make (and keep) a billion dollars in my lifetime, but I won't be any less of a woman or Kemi Adetiba if that didn't come to pass either. No… I'm not comparing the two. I'm just highlighting it doesn't diminish a (Wo)man's -Kemi Adetiba's – worth if it never happens. Hello… Good morning ☺️ Have a great Tuesday.

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