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Sir Elton John Pays Tribute to Mother who died aged 92 years


Sir Elton John Pays Tribute to Mother who died aged 92 years

Elton John has revealed his beloved mother has passed away Sheila  - months after they healed their long-lasting rift.

Sir Elton John paid tribute to his mother who passed away on  Monday at the age of 92; the music Icon was back on stage at Hamburg Germany and wrote a song tribute to her.

Speaking onstage as the song’s introduction began, a devastated Elton said: ‘It’s a hard day for me because my mother passed away.

‘I’m glad to say she passed away peacefully, with no pain. Maybe sooner than she should have done – I was quite shocked.’

‘Well this next song I wrote at her house or her apartment. I can remember every single minute of writing this song with Bernie [Taupin].

‘So this is a song I want to ­dedicate to her. And it’s taken me from nowhere to somewhere. So thank you, mum.’

Elton John whose real name is Reginald Dwight had announced about the passing away of his mother on social media,



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