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The Moment Kim Licks Kanye and the N word used to the shock of all


The Moment Kim Licks Kanye and the N word used to the shock of all

Mob: In the ferocious performance which saw the star sharing the stage with British grime artists such as Skepta, Krept and Konan, Jammer and Novelist, the rapper was heard saying the N-word at least three times despite ITV’s attempt to mute his performance

Kanye West is pulling more controversies and he did yet again when he was on stage at the 2015 BRIT Awards when he sang his song ‘ ALL DAY ‘, well Lionel Richie and others were shocked listening and partying to it.

kanye west lick kissed by kim kardashian west

For Kim I guess she’s already getting used to her husbands ways, she shared photo of her licking her man

See more below and vid.


Mishap: While there were two blow-torches on stage, it seems a mishap meant that only one torch worked during the performance

Light up the night: A plume of fire was repeatedly fired into the air during Kanye's controversial performance 

Getting down: Taylor Swift soon got back into her usual award show behaviour as she was seen dancing away to the track on a slightly different beat compared to Kim Kardashian who was stood next to her

Kim K and Taylor Swift digging it

sharing this instagram pic

kim kardashian , taylor swift

Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift





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